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Top Reviewer
Sooo soo good, I loved how crispy the chips were with the salsa and how my meal decorated so beautifully with lettuce and cheese. The batidos were on point, even though it wasn't cold like how I thought it was gonna be. Yet overall guys, great job and best authentic Mexican food I ever had!


Top Reviewer
I've ordered from this restaurant numerous times, and the food is always fresh, delicious and prompt. Definitely the best authentic Mexican food in the area!


3 reviews
Legit authentic extremely high quality Mexican food. Portions were solid, price was good and food was fantastic. Best Mexican food I've had in NJ anywhere.


Top Reviewer
Tacos al Pastor were perfect. The torta was just ok. Now that I know the tacos are legit Im surely going to be back to try the other types as well!


Top Reviewer
best authentic Mexican restaurant i've ever had. Carne Asada tacos and burritos are everything!!!!! definitely worth the prices

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Taqueria Restaurant Oaxaca Reviews on Seamless


2 reviews
My food arrived and I had to immediately contact support to figure out how to increase my tip. I gave my normal tip - fair, but not an overly generous amount. You see, the delivery didn't just come to the building, but up 28 floors (56 flights of stairs) because the elevator was out.

I had told the driver to just leave it downstairs and I would get it later, but he didn't think that was a good idea. He proceeded to come up the stairs. When the bell rang I wasn't expecting anyone but my partner who was doing laundry on the floor. Well, dressed as I was, I accepted my delivery and wondered to him regarding the elevator. He said, oh the stairs were working fine and he wanted to make sure I got my food.

He didn't wait around for a more generous tip or seem disappointed when he turned around, just happy that I got was I ordered. I was in genuine surprise and didn't even think to reward his kindness further. Seamless was able to correct that.

Oh, the food. Was great. It isn't your typical texmex/calmex, but a truer preparation. Their quesadilla isn't a flour tortilla with some meat and a ton of cheese. They use Oaxacan cheese (think string cheese) in a fresh masa shell. They have beef ear (also great).

I'm so impressed on so many levels.

28 floors.


1 review
Food was really great. I have actually never reviewed before but I just enjoyed my dinner so much I decided to take the time.

Got the shrimp in red sauce and one of the veggie burritos. For the burritos you get two full size for the price of one at other places. And they are really good! Especially love that here are multiple veggie options. And I fancy myself a rice and beans connoisseur and they were both perfect!

Have found my new Mexican go to in Hoboken!


Top Reviewer
I don't know anything about authentic Mexican food. What I do know is when food is delicious. Everything i ordered was really good and all my food customizations were accurately executed. Will definitely order from here again. Only wish the delivery time was shorter. It was on time just not very fast.


1 review
We love this place. The food is so good, portions are generous, and always arrives on time. We like the enchiladas (green sauce) and the chicken tinga burrito.


Top Reviewer
Easily the best authentic Mexican restaurant in jersey city. Portions are big and the food is full of flavor. Definitely ordering again

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